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“The process of getting there is the quality of being there.”

Creating Money, Keys to Abundance by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer

The resistance to facing the root of our issues is where we spend most of our time. And in turn our habitual patterns reign. The thought of facing our fears terrifies us because we believe it is going to come out worse than where it already is. But the opposite is true. When we choose to not be authentic, to hide from ourselves, we are simply allowing the hurricane of our lives to continue to swirl. We pretend that we are happy in our relationships, we pretend we are not in debt and continue shopping, we choose to say nothing to our molesters and have to sit with them at the dinner table every holiday. We hold onto our jobs that bring us misery and pain and we tell ourselves "everything is fine", or "just a few more years". Because we are in denial, afraid to face our truth, it surfaces in other ways; we gain tons of weight, are in the hospital with one illness or another, are agitated and stressed and constantly reaching for a drink, or numbing ourselves looking at the tv/computer screen all day.

When we are able to face our fears, our truths, only then can we discover that there are infinite possibilities. When we look from our habit, from our fear, the option is usually “I have no option, I have no choice.” When we look from the root, suddenly we enter the world of the unknown and instantly an infinite number of possibilities exist. Possibilities that provide healing and release. Possibilities that allow us to get healthy, turn off the tv and put down the drink. Are you planning on charging up your credit cards for the holiday? Are you planning on spending the year running from your fears? Just ask yourself how long you have spent running and pretending? Has it worked so far? If not, consider "facing it" and see what happens. You'd be amazed. I've watched clients who've avoided their taxes for 3 years, once facing it, getting them all done in less than 3 months only to discover that they have a huge refund coming even with the late fees. I've watched someone give up their toxic relationship only to discover and engage in activities they enjoyed which in turn brought them abundance financially and the peace of mind to have abundance spiritually. I've watched clients choose to face their molesters which allowed them to shed their shames, pain and blame. I've also watched clients choose to not go all the way to face their root fears and truths. And although they have a glimpse of some release, they don't experience the eye popping transformations that create abundance in all areas of their lives. This formula works 100% of the time. When the root isn't faced, the habitual patterns resurface again and again and again. When the root fears are faced, extraordinary transformations take place again and again and again. 100% of the time. Which cycle would you like to be on this year?!

Start the year 2010; start right now, getting to where you want to be by allowing yourself to experience "being there." You can be there when you know you've chosen to send a card instead of charging a $500.00 gift you know you can't afford. You can "be there" when you are moment to moment to moment comfortable in your own skin. Secrets, hiding and robbing Peter to pay Paul is exhausting. Please take this year to STOP and allow yourself to shed the shames, pains and blames so you may get to the real YOU. Face your root fears because YOU, is a very beautiful thing. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Plan of Action:

Sit quietly with yourself at least 15 minutes every day. Practice BEING. Spend your day noticing in your actions and interactions how often you are pulled away from yourself. Pay attention to YOU. Practice actions and interactions that allow you to BE. (Remember they may not be the actions you think or the actions you've spent years engaging in. That is okay).

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Dedicated to building communities living inspired, fulfilled and free!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


November 2, 2009

"Fearlessness may be a gift, but perhaps more precious is the courage acquired through endeavor, courage that comes from cultivating the habit of refusing to let fear dictate one's actions, courage that could be described as "grace under pressure" - grace renewed repeatedly in the face of harsh, unremitting pressure."

By Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize, Burma

What an incredible month it has been. A loved one asked me basically, "what in the world are you doing?" You are focusing too much on your "job" and not doing what you said you wanted to do, your business -your work - your passion. In denial, I emphatically defended that I was doing everything that I wanted to be doing. Usually my two options are being in hell, sitting at a desk in front of a computer or speaking to a client which for me is heaven right here on earth. The moment when they see themselves for who they are and GET that it is their own habits that are standing in the way of their every desire...heaven right here on earth. But now I am not in hell, my job isn't sitting at a desk. I'm loving my job -I'm watching lives change, it's exciting. I defended my case for 45 minutes and said I want to do both.

I mentioned this conversation to my accountability partner. "Guess what my loved one said to me...?" She was quiet and challenged me with the same observation. I defended it again but with a little less gusto. Some days had passed and the conversation wasn't leaving my consciouness. She didn't let up and the final blow..."five years from now when you envison your future, what do you see? What do you want to be doing?" Tears came to my eyes, because I saw SM Management. I was immediately filled with a sense of fear. I rattled off the reasons why I couldn't only do the business - my work - my passion. I rattled off my fears. It was purely terrifying to think that I could literally spend my days in this conversation. It is my greatest desire and dream. I believe that people are living in misery and suffering silently and in some cases (very loudly) only because they believe that they are supposed to. It is what I used to believe. The habit still presents itself and causes me (us) to believe that we are getting what we deserve. We are quietly ashamed and/or afraid of facing who we are at our core. If we could just understand that the power of the fear is in what we are afraid of, not in the thing itself. Once we face it, it is released. Grace.

The tears kept flowing. The fear remained but also a tremendous joy surfaced imagining the world engaged in a conversation about their passions, their true core selves, which then requires that they take action that will allow them to live inspired, fulfilled and free. And then I was trying to figure out what to do and my accountability partner said "nothing." Being with what is true for you is where you need to start and the rest flows from there. I see it over and over again, clients wanting to get into action, and skipping where they are, which leads to more of the same habits and suffering. But by being where we are, in and the rest flows from there. Amazed that as many things as I've faced, as many times as I've endeavored, here I was having to endeavor again. Grace. Two days later, my first draft of my collection of blogs is completed, former clients have agreed to share their incredible experience on my upcoming teleseminars, a new client has been signed, a 3-week intensive teleseminar that I'll be attending perfectly in alignment with aiding me in my next steps, two books resurfaced that remind me of who I am being called to be with my core self, the rest flowed instantly from there.

I understand why it is easier to stick with our habits. That is something that we can do over and over and over again. But when we commit to a journey that is about our growth and living from our core, there is nothing static about it. We have to keep being reminded who we are and we have to keep being willing to go towards what we don't know, we have to keep jumping off the cliff and we have to surround ourselves with those committed to us living from our core. We have to sit and cry and feel the terror of the unknown. We have to keep journeying. We have to keep being authentic, even when we think we "don't wanna." We have to be willing to admit when we're wrong, be willing to apologize, be willing to say "I don't know." Be willing to say "I'm scared." Be willing to take responsibility. Endeavor to have the courage and be open to love and grace. Be willing to take responsibility to be who we were meant to be when placed here on this earth.

We are all under pressure, the world is calling us to be who we truly are. Don't give into the fears preached by your friends, family, on the news and mostly by the voices in your head. Habits are deadly, the world needs us to be bigger than our minds, the world is pressuring us to live from our SOUL. Endeavor to sit down, shed a tear and enjoy your life inspired , fulfilled and free!

Plan of Action: Please imagine what it would be like to bring in the New Year no longer resisting WHO YOU ARE. Pick one thing that you have been avoiding (bill, conversation, person, place or thing). Sit down and look at it for what it is. Don't try to figure out what to do (habit). Be where you are with it. Why are you afraid? What do you want? Has it been there for five years...five years from now do you still want it there? Be where you are with it. The rest will flow from there.

Join the SM Management Community's Free Teleseminar on November 30th from 9pm to 10pm to hear Tim Mendes, actor and business man share his experience of before and after working with SM Management. He is now "...loving reality!" Conference Call Line: 218-486-1616 Passcode: 931969#

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Our unconscious plans manifest. Are your habits, systems and patterns leading you toward your freedom or toward your shame?

This has been an incredible couple of months for me and my clients. We have watched our dreams come true. Because together, we have made a committment to what we want, our actions has lead us towards our freedom; purchasing a second apartment, enjoying a planned vacation for the first time without the "need" to follow it up with a punishment, landing a part, moving out West, coming into BEING who you are and no longer feeling the need to be afraid, hide, or to punish ourselves for it. Consistently choosing to follow our core in spite of our fear of the unknown.

When we started this journey we had no idea where it would lead but it started for us all with our finances. Somehow we can let ourselves get away emotionally, where we can't financially. Having the conversation from the root . Facing the debts, the unopened mail, the true numbers of income to expenses, balancing checkbooks, and knowing what money is coming in and what money is going out. By facing and knowing our finances, the grip of shame we have around ourselves is confronted and therefore released. The fear and the "stories" we tell ourselves fade away because we've opened the mail, paid the bill, answered the phone and made arrangements, we've faced ourselves at our core. By knowing, we have the freedom to make a plan and feel as if we have some sense of control. Holding yourself accountable financially and realizing that you do have control, makes it possible to understand that you have that power in all areas of your life. Every week you are accounting for what came in and what was spent. Every week you are holding on to your receipts and placing them in the proper category and every day, week, month you are reconciling to the penny. Reconciling with yourself the "stories" of avoidance and shame.


Start preparing now to ensure that you bring in 2010 living your life fully and freely. Leave the baggage behind. Open the mail, answer the phone, make a plan. FACE YOUR FINANCES/FACE YOURSELF. Join those of us who have made a commitment not just in words but in actions to live fully. Don't wait for the new year, bring in the new year having already left your baggage behind so your year can start...FREE.

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September 7, 2009

There are so many things to which we do not have the answers. The unknown. Have you ever noticed that when you're connected with others, in conversation, in tragedy, in triumph, there is a "different... deeper" experience for yourself? The more we isolate, hide, and remain inauthentic; the more separated we feel. Connections are so important. The entire mission of SM Management is to aid people through the fear, to face the shame and rewire their habitual patterns long enough to connect to themselves. Love, understanding and compassion for self is the only way for us to have the capacity to love, understand and have compassion for another.

The Deeply Personal
by Mark Nepo

Everything personal if faced belongs to everyone,

the way water riding up the chest of a horse returns to the river once the horse has crossed.

The deeply personal aspect of search,

which seems at times unbearable, leads us to the deeply common well

which once immersed in

tells us there is nothing else to search for.

Like snails who curl in shells

to be tossed by the sea, the soul

finds a life to inhabit.

So close your eyes and chance

to see your self from the inside.

Have you ever chanced seeing yourself from the inside? Was it terrifying? How did you survive? What did you discover?

Upcoming Opportunities to Connect:

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I'm thrilled to announce the new monthly FREE Core Conversations In Action Connection Party. Direct from your own home! Every holiday season (3 year anniversary - blog formerly called Emotional Money I've listed very specific practices to help prepare you for the holiday "spend fest." This season let's actually do the preparation together! Face your unopened mail, clear your files, share your fears and shed your shames. Together let's create the action plan that will aid us all in entering 2010 living from our core - aligned & in action, inspired, fulfilled and consistently FREE!

Monday September 28, 2009 9pm-10pm

Monday, October 26, 2009 9pm-10pm

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Monday, December 28, 2009 9pm-10pm

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Enjoy the holiday!

Thank you Amanda & Tim for getting me all set up on Facebook!

Thank you Charlotte for getting my website and business cards updated so quickly.
Thank you Renee & Joanne for holding me accountable and for your wonderful coaching!
And thank you S and N for the wonderful dialogue, inquiry and conversations this month.

Monday, August 3, 2009


August 3, 2009

There is no conversation. Maybe there is, seperate, on your own, or with your friends. I hope so. But here, there is no conversation.

Standing on top of a mountain, it's such a beautiful mountain, shades of green everywhere and the smells, opportunity and promise is so present and real. But standing on top of a mountain alone, there is no conversation.

I know what to do. Tell everyone the truth. Life is really about pain and suffering and being so very hard. We are given the opportunity to dream so that it can be taken away from us. Go ahead and reach so that it can be taken away. Now if that was the conversation...

The subetly and distinctions of what is required to live your life inspired, fulfilled and free are soooooo minor and yet sooooo huge. It's hard to convey unless there is an authentic conversation. I know what to do. Tell everyone to keep faking what you feel to protect others. Keep pursuing your dreams even though you actually don't believe that you can have them. Keep going after what you believe you can't have. Keep protecting others and keep yourself miserable. Keep doing for others in order to distract yourself from you.
Now if that was the conversation I was seeking...

The truth. It is not welcomed. There are truths that are open to interpretation and then there are truths that just are. If we all could believe as we did when we first arrived on this planet that who we are is enough. What a different world it would be? What a difference in our actions, in our words and in our beliefs? What a difference in our conversations? If we could believe as we did when we first arrived on this planet that who we are is enough, what a different world it would be?

I tore down a spider web yesterday and felt sorry for the spider because I knew that it would have to build its home over again. Webs are so beautiful and strong and yet so very delicate. I apologized to the spider. It immediately knowing who and what its purpose here is already, crawled away and immediately began spinning it's web. My apology didn't matter, the fact that it had to build again didn't matter. The truth, that we were placed here to live in abundance and in ease is not welcomed. This conversation, this web I'm so dedicated to building, is not welcomed. There is no conversation. But standing on the mountain seeing and smelling the beauty, knowing what is true will have to sustain me. It'd be easier if I was a spider.

Although there is no coversation here right now, I hope that you are having an authentic conversation with yourself and/or with a friend. Remember if you didn't experience any sort of release(ease, exhilaration, peace) after having the conversation, the authentic conversation hasn't yet been had.

A core conversation resulting in authentic actions over and over and over again. Such a strong and yet such a delicate web.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Can I tell you how much pleasure I get from doing inventory? Checking in items received and organizing them. Making it nice and neat.
Oh, that all of life could be so clear, concise, and simple.

Although I didn't hear back from anyone this month in regards to last months blog, I am just assuming that some of you may be drowning in the complexities of life. There is so very much going on. As I learned about the death of Micheal Jackson and I thought back to my Jeri Curl, black leather pants, white Micheal Jackson jacket with 100 zippers, decorated with Micheal Jackson buttons, OF COURSE, and yes I had the glove too... I hope that in death, that he has found peace. He was such a testament to the fact that all the money, fame and talent in the world makes no difference at all if you are not at peace on the inside. May he rest in peace.
May we learn to LIVE in peace.

May we use this INDEPENDENCE day to enjoy the simple pleasures in our lives.

PLAN OF ACTION: Seek out what pleases you and focus your thought, talk and action in that direction. Set 4 weekly goals around those pleasures and each week for the next month meet them! You'll be amazed at how quickly your life can alter in one month.

Remember, the next moment is not guaranteed.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Runaway Cart

A luggage cart with 3 bins full of products and materials, a backpack on my back stuffed to the gills and a weight scale on my other shoulder. Going down hill the luggage cart seems a little off… I stop and look at it – it looks just as it did when it felt...balanced. So I just keep going down the hill. It seems like its leaning or pulling or could tilt over at any moment. It doesn’t feel quite right, so again, I stop and look at it. Again, it looks fine. Now it’s time to cross the street. There is a little dip in the sidewalk so I tentatively pull it but I keep stopping to check it. There would be nothing worse then having everything topple over in the middle of the street. I make it safely across the street. So I figure I’m home free and ignore the fact that it still doesn’t feel quite right. I check again but only with my sight. I take one more step and topple topple topple, it all falls down.

As I was picking up the pieces, I said to myself, "I knew it just didn’t feel right." How many times a day do you say that? It is the ignorings that occur gradually over time that cause the seemingly sudden topple’s. If I had stopped and actually taken the action to adjust the boxes on the cart, versus just looking at them, I would have saved myself not only from the actual topple, but from the feeling of anx when I was crossing the street. But instead, I chose to look and take no action. It felt off balance and that is what I should have paid attention to. In life, we often ignore and ignore and ignore. We give ourselves credit for “looking” but taking action on what we see is what will save us from the anx and topples of life.

Stop the cart, look at it, and then adjust the boxes and the cart until they feel just right.
When they shift, and they will, because there are hills and valleys along the way, stop, look and adjust again until it feels just right. "Feeling right" is the meter to choose this month.

I would love to know what those of you that chose to take the action to sign up for this blog, would like to have accomplished in the next 6 months? I would like us to help each other get it. If you would like to do a little more than look at the cart, I invite you to start adjusting the boxes by signing up for this ccnaction blog page as a "follower" so every time our loved ones tell us we should be living "afraid" we can know that we are not alone and have the courage to take aligned actions anyway. Go to and click on "Follow." This month explore, what is keeping you from facing the fear and placing your hands on the cart until it feels "just right.

Whether you’ve been laid off, are filing bankruptcy, getting a divorce, need money to feed your kids, or are living quite well, feel content, and are overall quite happy with your life, the same laws of the universe apply: consistent action towards what feels “just right” will take care of any and every thing. In 3 months, since taking my ultimate core action by moving, I have 7 Weight Watchers meetings, work 4 days a week, have made deals with each credit card company, am putting money in savings, have my dream relationship with a loving, loving man, and I just learned in the Fall that Broom Community College will be offering my 4 week "Facing Your Financial Fears" seminars for the Fall semester which will be taught at Big Tent Cultural Center. Their catalogs are sent to thousands. 3 months! I want to see what can happen for us all if we keep consistently putting our hands on the boxes and no longer dare to cross the street of life ill at ease. I hope you'll join me by signing in at We are not alone.

Core Action: Stop ignoring and place your hands on the cart consistently until if feels "just right."

Request for help: I would like to fulfill the request of those interested in dialoging through Facebook. I have set up another account under "ccnaction" on Facebook but truthfully have no idea what to do next in order to give people the opportunity to dialog together. Ideally I would love the conversations to be on the blog itself so anyone tuning in can have access to the dialog and discusssions. Instead of me trying to figure it out, I'd love to hear from you on your suggestions on the best way for me to get this going. Email me the best time to contact you at ccnaction and I'd love 10-15 minutes of your time to discuss options.

With this blog, I do plan to be more "vocal" about what I do not know how to do. I am committed to taking actions around asking for help because all that has happened for me since moving Upstate, has happened so quickly because instead of spending time "figuring out" I spend my time doing what I can do best and allow others to do what they do best. It saves so much time and hassle. I hope to hear from a few of you computer gurus so I may be able to have the structure in place for us to begin a Core Conversations in Action dialog in June!

If you're on the blog list, look for an invitation to dialog during the month of June. Otherwise, look forward to the next Core Conversations In Action blog posting to arrive on Monday, July 6th!

To subscribe to the Core Conversations In Action blog mailing list and receive updates personally, please email me at with "Please add to blog mailing list" in the subject.

Remember, being inspired is not enough, being inspired enough to take authentic consistent actions in alignment with your core, THAT is what alters life!

Copyright 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


May 4, 2009


Someone asked me today how am I able to have so much trust in myself.
I responded with the truth. "By my heart being shattered in a million pieces." The ending of my marriage. It wasn't voluntary. But what was voluntary was my response to living beyond my greatest fear: that I was unworthy of being loved. Though I prayed for death literally when my marriage ended, by surviving beyond it, I realized that all my beliefs and lessons about the point of life were totally incorrect. At 25 I was starting from a place I had never known before - the realization that I knew absolutely nothing about life or my role in it.
I set out to get to the bottom of what is true. Finding the key to THAT DISCOVERY was more important than being right, more important than making sure my family and friends agreed with me, more important than finding that right partner and being loved, more important than anything. I believe that I have found that truth. It is not true, that we are here to suffer and sacrifice and forge alone...this is the manifestation of human conditioning based on lack and fear. We are here to learn, to grow, to love and to thrive in community and the only thing stopping us from achieving profound abundance, peace and prosperity is ourselves. We are afraid to live from our truths.

The shattering of my heart was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I had spent my life being a professional actress. I had obtained everything I ever wanted -great career, great reviews, great roles, and earning all of my income from acting. I had attained externally everything I wanted but I always felt like something was missing. But at my core, I didn't love who I was and that truth had a profound effect on all aspects of my life. It was why I ended up in my marriage in the first place. Just because we may not be willing to admit the inauthenticities doesn't mean that they don't exist. Eventually, if we remain inauthentic, it catches up to us (current economic situation). We can't heal or fix the issue if we haven't first identified what the issue is. The "fixes" - money, marriage, career, relationship, food etc. causes other issues because the real one hasn't yet been identified so therefore it can't be healed. We can save ourselves the shattered hearts by going beyond the surface to the core. We are all connected and TOGETHER we can help each other get out of our own way by being willing to admit, identify, and face our greatest fears so we may live our truth. It's well worth it.

My life is now unrecognizable. I'm a business owner and I spend my time helping people shed their fears and thrive. I'm living in the country where I meditate and work out every day at a lake that is two minutes away. I have 7 Weight Watchers meetings and I just launched a brand new meeting today in a building that my mother owns ( that is 4 doors from where I live and 51 people came to the very first meeting. I have found such peace, love and prosperity and it can never be taken away. The internals and externals are mirrors of each other. Previously I was out of alignment internally so it manifested in a relationship based on emotional abuse and a career that was fine but unfulfilling. Presently I'm living in alignment with my truth and my relationship, the opportunities and exponential growth of every single thing I've come in contact with is in complete alignment with my truth. We are here to grow, learn, love and be loved, and thrive continuously. But we must be willing to get out of our own way!

What are the key elements to getting out of our own way:

A need, desire or want for yourself and your life that has nothing to do with anyone else.
The willingness to be truthful about that need, desire and want.
The understanding of the value of having a true support system.
Willingness to take actions towards your core wants.
Willingness to love and be loved in return.
Willingness to say "I don't know."
A willingness to being financially honest, responsible & to hold yourself accountable.
To have some piece of you that believes that we are not what we fear.
Every time I've set my heart to something, it has manifested. Every single time. I know the same is true for you. The work of SM Management is building a community that will allow us to manifest from our core being and no longer play small with something as precious as our lives, consistently and continuously. Being inspired isn't enough, being inspired to the point of taking consistent authentic actions, THAT is when our lives alter.

(Note: There must be at least 4 people and no more than 6 for the series to occur.)
There will be no sessions during the week of July 4th)

Series I
Starts Wednesday, June 3rd 7am - 8:30am
Ends Wednesday, August 26th at 8am - 9:30am
June 3, 10, 17, & 24
July 8, 15, 22, & 29
August 5, 12, 19, 26
(Next Series I will start September 9th)

Series II
Starts Saturday, June 6th at 8am - 9:30am
Ends Saturday, August 29th at 8am - 9:30am
June 6, 13, 20, & 27
July 11, 18, & 25th
August 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29
(Next Series II will start September 12th)

Meditation will be done for 10 minutes at the beginning and end of each call.
Actions will be identified for each person (discovered through conversation) and followed through on during the week.
Talking and wanting is NOT ENOUGH. There is no way for us to understand our power and the abundance the universe has for us if we are not willing to take actions towards them. There is no other way except to face our fears head on. Collectively it will be easier to face them and that is what can build our confidence in who we are at our core.

To build trust in who you are.
To spend your time on this planet engaged in what you were sent here to do.
To love who you are.
To shed your shames and be healed.
To experience your dreams actually manifesting and coming true.
To find and connect with others on the same journey.
To tackle your financial fears.
To get your finances organized & in order with a system that is yours.
To live your life AS YOU.
I am interested only in those on a mission to live their lives empowered, free, in ease and abundantly. If you are "ok" with your life as it is, then this is not the teleseminar for you. The only thing to propel us forward beyond our conditioning and fears is when you've reached the place where "ok" is no longer enough. "Ok" will mean different things to different people. Whether that means that you feel like something is missing, or you feel discouraged, angry, depressed, sad or are just plain bored, or you just have a sense that there is something more, than this is the teleseminar for you. If you'd like to wake up every morning energized and in love with yourself and your life, inside & out, spiritually and financially, then this is the teleseminar for you.

Wednesday, May 13th from 7am-8:30am & Saturday, May 16th from 8am-9:30am. I will have an informational session (including 10 minute meditation) so you may get a taste of what we will be creating for the summer of 2009. If you are interested in doing the teleseminar you would need to commit to being on one of these calls. If you are unsure but want to get more information please send me an email at with "teleseminar informational session" in the heading and your info and I will send you the teleconference call number.

Early Registration Fee:
If you register by May 18th it's $120.00 per month for a total of $360.00.
Registration Deadline for both series is May 25th $200 per month for a total of $600.00

If we have worked together you know that the results are far beyond and different from what you expected. You get a piece of yourself that you didn't know was missing. My rate is usually $70/hour. This is a HUGE savings to receive something that is priceless. But since this is the launch of this particular model and I am aware of my own blockages that I believe will be released from this process, it is well worth a huge reduction in the price.
Take the time this month to see if you are living the life you want and more importantly if you are not, what are you willing to do about it?

To apply:
Please email me at your
Teleseminar Session Attending - Session I - Wednesday's or Session II - Saturdays
Informational session attending: Wednesday, May 13th or Saturday, May 16th.

Please answer in no more than 50-100 words per question:

1. In what area are you not satisfied in your life? or In what area do you want to propel your life to the next level?

2. How long have you not been satisfied in this area? or How long have you been wanting to propel to the next level?

3. Why do you feel that now you would be willing to do something about it? What is different, what has changed for you?

4. What would you want to achieve by attending this exclusive summer Core Conversations In Action Teleseminar Series?

5. I will register by: May 18th or by May 25th

Once this is received I will give you a phone call so we may have a core conversation and from there inform you of your acceptance if applicable and the details on how to register. Receipt of the questions above, having a core conversation with me & attending one of the informational sessions are mandatory to participate in this teleseminar series.
Remember this is an exclusive opportunity and there are only 12 slots available. The sooner you take action on the items listed above the better your chances of being apart of this exclusive opportunity. If you're ready to let go of the emotional and get into action begin today by applying for


Thank you to my incredible clients who have had the courage to act from their truths. It is because of you that I have not only experienced but saw over and over again a pattern that when we do that, it works, no matter age, race, culture, career, sex, or financial status, that action from truth works 100% of the time. My apologies to those who love facebook, that group will be created with those involved in the teleseminar series.

This will be the last blog that you will receive from If you would like to receive the new monthly blog CORE CONVERSATIONS IN ACTION (1st Monday of every month) you must send an email to my new address with heading
"Please add to mailing list." I will not add anyone automatically.

Bittersweet endings lead to the next exciting phase of new beginnings.

I hope you'll join me for the next stage!


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