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November 2, 2009

"Fearlessness may be a gift, but perhaps more precious is the courage acquired through endeavor, courage that comes from cultivating the habit of refusing to let fear dictate one's actions, courage that could be described as "grace under pressure" - grace renewed repeatedly in the face of harsh, unremitting pressure."

By Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize, Burma

What an incredible month it has been. A loved one asked me basically, "what in the world are you doing?" You are focusing too much on your "job" and not doing what you said you wanted to do, your business -your work - your passion. In denial, I emphatically defended that I was doing everything that I wanted to be doing. Usually my two options are being in hell, sitting at a desk in front of a computer or speaking to a client which for me is heaven right here on earth. The moment when they see themselves for who they are and GET that it is their own habits that are standing in the way of their every desire...heaven right here on earth. But now I am not in hell, my job isn't sitting at a desk. I'm loving my job -I'm watching lives change, it's exciting. I defended my case for 45 minutes and said I want to do both.

I mentioned this conversation to my accountability partner. "Guess what my loved one said to me...?" She was quiet and challenged me with the same observation. I defended it again but with a little less gusto. Some days had passed and the conversation wasn't leaving my consciouness. She didn't let up and the final blow..."five years from now when you envison your future, what do you see? What do you want to be doing?" Tears came to my eyes, because I saw SM Management. I was immediately filled with a sense of fear. I rattled off the reasons why I couldn't only do the business - my work - my passion. I rattled off my fears. It was purely terrifying to think that I could literally spend my days in this conversation. It is my greatest desire and dream. I believe that people are living in misery and suffering silently and in some cases (very loudly) only because they believe that they are supposed to. It is what I used to believe. The habit still presents itself and causes me (us) to believe that we are getting what we deserve. We are quietly ashamed and/or afraid of facing who we are at our core. If we could just understand that the power of the fear is in what we are afraid of, not in the thing itself. Once we face it, it is released. Grace.

The tears kept flowing. The fear remained but also a tremendous joy surfaced imagining the world engaged in a conversation about their passions, their true core selves, which then requires that they take action that will allow them to live inspired, fulfilled and free. And then I was trying to figure out what to do and my accountability partner said "nothing." Being with what is true for you is where you need to start and the rest flows from there. I see it over and over again, clients wanting to get into action, and skipping where they are, which leads to more of the same habits and suffering. But by being where we are, in and the rest flows from there. Amazed that as many things as I've faced, as many times as I've endeavored, here I was having to endeavor again. Grace. Two days later, my first draft of my collection of blogs is completed, former clients have agreed to share their incredible experience on my upcoming teleseminars, a new client has been signed, a 3-week intensive teleseminar that I'll be attending perfectly in alignment with aiding me in my next steps, two books resurfaced that remind me of who I am being called to be with my core self, the rest flowed instantly from there.

I understand why it is easier to stick with our habits. That is something that we can do over and over and over again. But when we commit to a journey that is about our growth and living from our core, there is nothing static about it. We have to keep being reminded who we are and we have to keep being willing to go towards what we don't know, we have to keep jumping off the cliff and we have to surround ourselves with those committed to us living from our core. We have to sit and cry and feel the terror of the unknown. We have to keep journeying. We have to keep being authentic, even when we think we "don't wanna." We have to be willing to admit when we're wrong, be willing to apologize, be willing to say "I don't know." Be willing to say "I'm scared." Be willing to take responsibility. Endeavor to have the courage and be open to love and grace. Be willing to take responsibility to be who we were meant to be when placed here on this earth.

We are all under pressure, the world is calling us to be who we truly are. Don't give into the fears preached by your friends, family, on the news and mostly by the voices in your head. Habits are deadly, the world needs us to be bigger than our minds, the world is pressuring us to live from our SOUL. Endeavor to sit down, shed a tear and enjoy your life inspired , fulfilled and free!

Plan of Action: Please imagine what it would be like to bring in the New Year no longer resisting WHO YOU ARE. Pick one thing that you have been avoiding (bill, conversation, person, place or thing). Sit down and look at it for what it is. Don't try to figure out what to do (habit). Be where you are with it. Why are you afraid? What do you want? Has it been there for five years...five years from now do you still want it there? Be where you are with it. The rest will flow from there.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Our unconscious plans manifest. Are your habits, systems and patterns leading you toward your freedom or toward your shame?

This has been an incredible couple of months for me and my clients. We have watched our dreams come true. Because together, we have made a committment to what we want, our actions has lead us towards our freedom; purchasing a second apartment, enjoying a planned vacation for the first time without the "need" to follow it up with a punishment, landing a part, moving out West, coming into BEING who you are and no longer feeling the need to be afraid, hide, or to punish ourselves for it. Consistently choosing to follow our core in spite of our fear of the unknown.

When we started this journey we had no idea where it would lead but it started for us all with our finances. Somehow we can let ourselves get away emotionally, where we can't financially. Having the conversation from the root . Facing the debts, the unopened mail, the true numbers of income to expenses, balancing checkbooks, and knowing what money is coming in and what money is going out. By facing and knowing our finances, the grip of shame we have around ourselves is confronted and therefore released. The fear and the "stories" we tell ourselves fade away because we've opened the mail, paid the bill, answered the phone and made arrangements, we've faced ourselves at our core. By knowing, we have the freedom to make a plan and feel as if we have some sense of control. Holding yourself accountable financially and realizing that you do have control, makes it possible to understand that you have that power in all areas of your life. Every week you are accounting for what came in and what was spent. Every week you are holding on to your receipts and placing them in the proper category and every day, week, month you are reconciling to the penny. Reconciling with yourself the "stories" of avoidance and shame.


Start preparing now to ensure that you bring in 2010 living your life fully and freely. Leave the baggage behind. Open the mail, answer the phone, make a plan. FACE YOUR FINANCES/FACE YOURSELF. Join those of us who have made a commitment not just in words but in actions to live fully. Don't wait for the new year, bring in the new year having already left your baggage behind so your year can start...FREE.

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