Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Can I tell you how much pleasure I get from doing inventory? Checking in items received and organizing them. Making it nice and neat.
Oh, that all of life could be so clear, concise, and simple.

Although I didn't hear back from anyone this month in regards to last months blog, I am just assuming that some of you may be drowning in the complexities of life. There is so very much going on. As I learned about the death of Micheal Jackson and I thought back to my Jeri Curl, black leather pants, white Micheal Jackson jacket with 100 zippers, decorated with Micheal Jackson buttons, OF COURSE, and yes I had the glove too... I hope that in death, that he has found peace. He was such a testament to the fact that all the money, fame and talent in the world makes no difference at all if you are not at peace on the inside. May he rest in peace.
May we learn to LIVE in peace.

May we use this INDEPENDENCE day to enjoy the simple pleasures in our lives.

PLAN OF ACTION: Seek out what pleases you and focus your thought, talk and action in that direction. Set 4 weekly goals around those pleasures and each week for the next month meet them! You'll be amazed at how quickly your life can alter in one month.

Remember, the next moment is not guaranteed.