Monday, June 8, 2009

Runaway Cart

A luggage cart with 3 bins full of products and materials, a backpack on my back stuffed to the gills and a weight scale on my other shoulder. Going down hill the luggage cart seems a little off… I stop and look at it – it looks just as it did when it felt...balanced. So I just keep going down the hill. It seems like its leaning or pulling or could tilt over at any moment. It doesn’t feel quite right, so again, I stop and look at it. Again, it looks fine. Now it’s time to cross the street. There is a little dip in the sidewalk so I tentatively pull it but I keep stopping to check it. There would be nothing worse then having everything topple over in the middle of the street. I make it safely across the street. So I figure I’m home free and ignore the fact that it still doesn’t feel quite right. I check again but only with my sight. I take one more step and topple topple topple, it all falls down.

As I was picking up the pieces, I said to myself, "I knew it just didn’t feel right." How many times a day do you say that? It is the ignorings that occur gradually over time that cause the seemingly sudden topple’s. If I had stopped and actually taken the action to adjust the boxes on the cart, versus just looking at them, I would have saved myself not only from the actual topple, but from the feeling of anx when I was crossing the street. But instead, I chose to look and take no action. It felt off balance and that is what I should have paid attention to. In life, we often ignore and ignore and ignore. We give ourselves credit for “looking” but taking action on what we see is what will save us from the anx and topples of life.

Stop the cart, look at it, and then adjust the boxes and the cart until they feel just right.
When they shift, and they will, because there are hills and valleys along the way, stop, look and adjust again until it feels just right. "Feeling right" is the meter to choose this month.

I would love to know what those of you that chose to take the action to sign up for this blog, would like to have accomplished in the next 6 months? I would like us to help each other get it. If you would like to do a little more than look at the cart, I invite you to start adjusting the boxes by signing up for this ccnaction blog page as a "follower" so every time our loved ones tell us we should be living "afraid" we can know that we are not alone and have the courage to take aligned actions anyway. Go to and click on "Follow." This month explore, what is keeping you from facing the fear and placing your hands on the cart until it feels "just right.

Whether you’ve been laid off, are filing bankruptcy, getting a divorce, need money to feed your kids, or are living quite well, feel content, and are overall quite happy with your life, the same laws of the universe apply: consistent action towards what feels “just right” will take care of any and every thing. In 3 months, since taking my ultimate core action by moving, I have 7 Weight Watchers meetings, work 4 days a week, have made deals with each credit card company, am putting money in savings, have my dream relationship with a loving, loving man, and I just learned in the Fall that Broom Community College will be offering my 4 week "Facing Your Financial Fears" seminars for the Fall semester which will be taught at Big Tent Cultural Center. Their catalogs are sent to thousands. 3 months! I want to see what can happen for us all if we keep consistently putting our hands on the boxes and no longer dare to cross the street of life ill at ease. I hope you'll join me by signing in at We are not alone.

Core Action: Stop ignoring and place your hands on the cart consistently until if feels "just right."

Request for help: I would like to fulfill the request of those interested in dialoging through Facebook. I have set up another account under "ccnaction" on Facebook but truthfully have no idea what to do next in order to give people the opportunity to dialog together. Ideally I would love the conversations to be on the blog itself so anyone tuning in can have access to the dialog and discusssions. Instead of me trying to figure it out, I'd love to hear from you on your suggestions on the best way for me to get this going. Email me the best time to contact you at ccnaction and I'd love 10-15 minutes of your time to discuss options.

With this blog, I do plan to be more "vocal" about what I do not know how to do. I am committed to taking actions around asking for help because all that has happened for me since moving Upstate, has happened so quickly because instead of spending time "figuring out" I spend my time doing what I can do best and allow others to do what they do best. It saves so much time and hassle. I hope to hear from a few of you computer gurus so I may be able to have the structure in place for us to begin a Core Conversations in Action dialog in June!

If you're on the blog list, look for an invitation to dialog during the month of June. Otherwise, look forward to the next Core Conversations In Action blog posting to arrive on Monday, July 6th!

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Remember, being inspired is not enough, being inspired enough to take authentic consistent actions in alignment with your core, THAT is what alters life!

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