Thursday, December 10, 2009


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“The process of getting there is the quality of being there.”

Creating Money, Keys to Abundance by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer

The resistance to facing the root of our issues is where we spend most of our time. And in turn our habitual patterns reign. The thought of facing our fears terrifies us because we believe it is going to come out worse than where it already is. But the opposite is true. When we choose to not be authentic, to hide from ourselves, we are simply allowing the hurricane of our lives to continue to swirl. We pretend that we are happy in our relationships, we pretend we are not in debt and continue shopping, we choose to say nothing to our molesters and have to sit with them at the dinner table every holiday. We hold onto our jobs that bring us misery and pain and we tell ourselves "everything is fine", or "just a few more years". Because we are in denial, afraid to face our truth, it surfaces in other ways; we gain tons of weight, are in the hospital with one illness or another, are agitated and stressed and constantly reaching for a drink, or numbing ourselves looking at the tv/computer screen all day.

When we are able to face our fears, our truths, only then can we discover that there are infinite possibilities. When we look from our habit, from our fear, the option is usually “I have no option, I have no choice.” When we look from the root, suddenly we enter the world of the unknown and instantly an infinite number of possibilities exist. Possibilities that provide healing and release. Possibilities that allow us to get healthy, turn off the tv and put down the drink. Are you planning on charging up your credit cards for the holiday? Are you planning on spending the year running from your fears? Just ask yourself how long you have spent running and pretending? Has it worked so far? If not, consider "facing it" and see what happens. You'd be amazed. I've watched clients who've avoided their taxes for 3 years, once facing it, getting them all done in less than 3 months only to discover that they have a huge refund coming even with the late fees. I've watched someone give up their toxic relationship only to discover and engage in activities they enjoyed which in turn brought them abundance financially and the peace of mind to have abundance spiritually. I've watched clients choose to face their molesters which allowed them to shed their shames, pain and blame. I've also watched clients choose to not go all the way to face their root fears and truths. And although they have a glimpse of some release, they don't experience the eye popping transformations that create abundance in all areas of their lives. This formula works 100% of the time. When the root isn't faced, the habitual patterns resurface again and again and again. When the root fears are faced, extraordinary transformations take place again and again and again. 100% of the time. Which cycle would you like to be on this year?!

Start the year 2010; start right now, getting to where you want to be by allowing yourself to experience "being there." You can be there when you know you've chosen to send a card instead of charging a $500.00 gift you know you can't afford. You can "be there" when you are moment to moment to moment comfortable in your own skin. Secrets, hiding and robbing Peter to pay Paul is exhausting. Please take this year to STOP and allow yourself to shed the shames, pains and blames so you may get to the real YOU. Face your root fears because YOU, is a very beautiful thing. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Plan of Action:

Sit quietly with yourself at least 15 minutes every day. Practice BEING. Spend your day noticing in your actions and interactions how often you are pulled away from yourself. Pay attention to YOU. Practice actions and interactions that allow you to BE. (Remember they may not be the actions you think or the actions you've spent years engaging in. That is okay).

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