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March 1, 2010


My 1999 Gold Buick LeSabre is spacious and solid and provides everything I need. I drive over 300 to 400 miles per week and I just surpassed the 200,000 mile mark. Lately I've been feeling like it's a little shakier than normal. I check the tires and the oil constantly. Those are things I know how to do. I hesitate on taking it to a mechanic. Then riding home in a snow storm, suddenly the car powers down. The needle goes from 40 to 0 in an instant. I can no longer steer. I press the gas and nothing happens. I'm 45 minutes from home in the middle of no where. I put on my hazards. A few minutes later I turn the key. It starts up instantly, Practically speaking it was a smooth ride home. Spiritually, long and very shaky.

Begin gathering your receipts so you can know specifically where you are spending your money. That will provide you with information you can see and trust. Only from there can you begin to make a plan. From what I have seen with my clients, in most cases they have more than they think they do. The item they have been holding off on, they have spent four times that amount on other things. In one case I had a client who wanted to get her own apartment. She was living with roommates and wanted to be on her own. When she began looking for an apartment, she looked for places that she didn't really love thinking that that was all she could afford. She hired me, expecting to be told why she needed to remain living with her roommates. After two sessions together, she discovered that she had been short changing herself. Once she completed her weekly assignments, she saw she had more than enough funds to go for the apartment that she REALLY wanted. Because she wasn't willing to face her finances, she kept herself in a habitual box depriving herself of what she wanted. Though financially, practically, she had all she needed. Spiritually, she was shaky, doing only what she knew to do; keep herself in lack.

Practically: Did you try any one of the Action Steps from February's blog? Spiritually, do you know why or why not?

Sometimes we're riding along smoothly. Other times we're riding along but we have a sense that there is something shaky underneath. Usually there are hints provided and eventually we're powered down. We can turn the key and as long as it keeps going, we pretend that everything is ok. We do what we've always done until we're stranded at the side of the road. Don't wait until then. Facing our finances provides the balance of the spiritual and practical. Reread February's blog. Complete the practical spectrum of this financial journey so your spirit can Embrace, Let Go & Be Free!


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