Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

Article Published in The NorthEastern Holistic Resource July 2010.
A magazine supporting Integrative Health Care for Balance of body, Mind and Spirit.


By Samarra Mbenga

How is it possible to have a financial healing when you are facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, and being laid off? You are stressed, afraid, and feeling as if your life is coming apart. STOP and face it. Part of the reasons for our fears is that as we are running (this includes constantly helping others) we are still carrying the weight. But as soon as you stop and face it, you are giving yourself the opportunity to actually put the weight down. Once you face it, then you can devise a plan to deal with it.

In the last article I encouraged you to address yourself spiritually. First, stop blaming your money, second, pay attention to yourself and third track your income and spending daily. If you have followed through on these steps (please read June 2010 issue) now you are ready to implement a practical tool. Again it is not enough to read this article. Before the month is over please actually do the items listed below. Knowing is not enough, it is about what you will discover when you experience the steps below.

Step 1. Take 3 deep breaths.

Step 2. Make a calendar. Do this with crayons, color paper; anything that as a child you had fun playing with. Follow these steps as the child in you that welcomed projects as a new adventure. (If you prefer computers, use the calendar spreadsheet and follow the steps below accordingly.) Make sure each date has room to write/enter in several entries.

Step 3. Gather all of your Bills - (If this sentence makes you cringe start with 3 bills. Add 3 bills each day until it’s complete.) Be present. Don’t try to figure anything out with your mind, simply gather your bills and place them in the appropriate dates. Take 3 deep breaths.

Step 4. Write the bill and amount due on the corresponding calendar date(i.e. Mortgage $600 written in space for July 1st on calendar, $500 Car Insurance written in space for July 15th on calendar, etc.)

Step 5: Gather your income (make sure accurate amt. after taxes, etc.) Write the source and the income amount on the corresponding date(s) on the calendar

Step 6: Be present. Breathe.

What has unfolded? What do you notice?

Write down what comes to you.

For example: If you have more income the second week of the month and many more bills the last week of the month then the “extra” from the second week you pay towards the bills that are due the last week of the month. Instead of getting to the last week and saying “I don’t have enough money.”

If you see that every week your expenses are far outweighing your income, then you need to cut your expenses. You may have to make some tough choices at first but you will feel in control of the situation as you begin to experience that you do have enough. It is the beginning of putting down the weight. This will result in you experiencing peace spiritually which will then allow abundance to manifest physically. But you will first need to be honest about where you are now and act accordingly.

Make a plan (based on what is in front of you). If you are present ,you will experience possibility. If all you are experiencing is the same pain and fear then that is an indication that you are operating from the habitual patterns of your mind. Breathe and return to the spiritual practice outlined in the June 2010 issue. Return to the calendar. Repeat this process until possibility unfolds.

You can heal. We have spent years approaching our finances from a place of fear, secrecy and dread. When we are uncomfortable with something, we don’t enjoy spending time with it. We avoid it for as long as we can or we look for shortcuts to get it over with. If you find a process that can allow you to enjoy the process itself, it will become easier and easier to approach your finances from a place of discovery, possibility and eventually even enjoyment. Do this calendar for at least three months. Once you begin to face yourself spiritually, you will begin to focus on your strengths instead of your fears and learn to have compassion for your weaknesses. You will like yourself a little more and you will be able to face your finances because you will have faced yourself.

We are a culture that has been invested in the shortcut. We are shown everyday, that in the long run shortcuts do not work. This process is about you experiencing the possibility of financial ease and peace for the long term. I invite you to try something different. Stop running. Put the weight down. The results are 100%. When we face the root of what we have been avoiding, what is on the other side is our core peace.

Face your finances. Make your calendar today. Face yourself. Stop blaming your money. Pay attention to yourself and track your income and expenses daily. It’s 100% guaranteed. Take actions on these steps and experience spiritual and financial ease and peace!

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